29 April 2017

Mallorca--Easter 2017

APRIL 15, 2017

I'd never been to Mallorca until New Years this year, when I went for about a week.  I stayed in Palma and like it quite a bit, much more lively than Bellagio.  I tried to rent a bike then, but could only find mopeds.

This time I came back for Easter weekend and reserved a bike in advance, one of the Ducati Scramblers.  I would only be on Mallorca for a few days, so only rented the bike for one day, which I figured would be enough time to see a lot of the island.  I stayed in the same hotel as last time, right in the old town, which is right by lots of bars and restaurants.

Anyway, saw this cool statue thing on the way to pick up the bike:
Here's the bike, more on it later:
I set off across to the far side of the island, maybe about 45 minutes away to Port de Soller.  Had a quick coffee and look around there, but nothing especially interesting, typical beach resort.
After that I rode along the north coast to the west, to a place called Port de Valldemmosa.  Tricky little road getting down there, but not much once you reached it, a couple of cafes....  Here is a view from the top:
Here is a satellite picture of the road:
Here are a couple of pictures from the bottom:

Had another coffee than back up to the top, to the west along the coast.  Nice views:
I was in no real hurry, so stopped in another town a bit down the road, Estellencs, for lunch:

After lunch rode to another little town on the west coast, Port d'Andratx where I bought an ice cream--not a low calorie day!  Again, nothing super-interesting:

Then back to Palma in time to drop off the bike.  Nothing too exciting, but a nice day's ride.  

That night, I went to my favorite bar in Palma, where they have an awesome open mike night.  Most open mike nights I've been to have sucked, really an embarrassment.  But this one is amazing...there must be 15-20 great musicians and singers attending, joining one by one, dropping out, coming back.  Some old guy on a tamborine...a guy playing a ukelele...a hot chick singer with an awesome voice...some guy playing a--what is that?  Anyway, here are some pics:

That's it for now!

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