19 May 2016

Moscow-Berlin May 2016

I had been kind of busy with the move to Berlin, so didn't make my usual spring trip to Italy, so the first time I was on the bike this year was when I rode my GS from Moscow to Berlin--one way this time.

I didn't want to bother with a Belorussian visa, so took the usual road to the Latvian border.  Boring, standard ride, so no pix.  Got into Latvia by about 16:00, didn't know where I would stay yet.  I thought about Rezekne, which I reached by about 17:00, but it was still fairly early, so I kept going.  I decided to try to get to Daugavpils, which is only a couple of hundred kilometers away, but it took me forever to get there because of the small roads.

I didn't get to Daugavpils until past 20:00, and then had a hard time finding a hotel.  I finally found some kind of weird Soviet-style place on the far side of town...got a room, ran out to pick up some pizza and beer to bring back, then had pizza, a beer, and a cigar before crashing about 21:30--I was exhausted!

Next day I rode all the way into Berlin, didn't get there until after dark after a long boring ride through Poland...

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