30 April 2013

Italy--April 2013

I am way behind on my blog postings, so will try to catch up.  It is already June 2014, and I'm posting about April 2013...I'll try to get caught up in the next week or so, lots of trips in the meantime.

So in April 2014 I went back to Italy for a long weekend, and went to Mantua, Bologna, and back to Bellagio for the last night.  My memory of this trip is already a bit fuzzy, so I'll rely more on pictures again to tell the tale:

Frankly, I wasn't very impressed by Mantua, it was fairly dull, but here are some shots:

 Here is a picture of my hotel, ho hum..

 And my bike parked outside the hotel.

Bologna seemed pretty lively, a student town.  Walked around a lot and got lost....

For the next few shots, I've got variations of the same picture in color and B&W:


And a few other random shots of the city:

And the traditional Lake Como ferry shot from my room at the hotel Metropol:

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