07 June 2011

Siberian Adventures: Preparation

I'd been planning a trip from Irkutsk to Magadan for some time, and had quite a bit of work to do. The bike I planned to take, the BMW G650 xChallenge which I bought last summer, was pretty much a city bike and need some stuff done before I'd feel confident taking it to Magadan. Here is a picture of it in its native habitat in Moscow:

I installed a bunch of new parts, won't bore you with the details. Also had to figure out the load plan, here is my first attempt in the parking lot of my apartment building:

Finally, I had to take it on a test ride, so decided to go to Yaroslavl again. Here I am parked by the monastery in Rostov Veliky again:

I was pretty much set, next I just had to ship the bike out to Irkutsk, which I did at the end of May.

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