29 April 2010

Leaving for Morocco!

Wasn't sure when I'd be able to break away from work and go to Morocco, so when a window of opportunity opened I grabbed it; bought a ticket a few days ago, lucked out and got a direct flight to Malaga, which makes things so much better, especially with all of this volcano crap going on...

Anyway, arrived late morning, headed to the warehouse, packed up my bike, and headed out to Tarifa, the southernmost point in Europe. I figured I'd spend the night there and catch the first ferry in the morning to Morocco. I got to Tarifa by about 16:00 and thought about heading over to Morocco right away, but figured it would be smart to stock up on wine and cigars before leaving Spain (note to self: good call!). I bought a ticket for the 08:00 ferry the next morning. Tarifa is a decent little town, but the hotel selection in the center seems a bit limited, I only found one place, but luckily it was next to a Tabacos store, where I stocked up on cigars. I also filled up the wineskin and looked at the route down through Morocco, trying to figure out how far to push it the first day. Wanted to make it to Essaouira, but it looked to be a long way given that I'd have to deal with border formalities as well as the ride. Anyway, I was finally ready to check out Morocco!

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