20 June 2009

Yaroslavl Party

This weekend I decided to head back to Yaroslavl, because my buddy John was having a going away party for one of his friends from there who was going to study in Australia.

So anyway, this weekend I decided I would take a little time and check out Rostov Veliky (Rostov the Great) on the way to Yaroslavl. It is another of the "Golden Ring" cities and supposedly quite nice, although I had never stopped there, just ridden by (really around) it on the way to/from Yaro. Supposedly there a is nice kremlin there, so I thought I'd check it out. I got there and found a rather nice monastery, but no kremlin, here are some pix:
After leaving the monastery, I rode a little bit and found the kremlin, but decided to save that for another visit, and kept on going to Yaro.
I got to Yaro and got some rest before heading over to John's for the party. John knows some fun people in Yaro, there were about twenty at the party, it was pretty fun:

The next morning I got up pretty early and headed back to Moscow. but I decided to get off the main highway and check out some smaller roads. I rode to Rostov, then hung a right, came across this kremlin and church, pretty cool:
After this I kept running down a bunch of little roads, more or less relying on the GPS to keep me heading in the right direction...the only problem was it kept spazzing out, sending me down some road and then recalculating, sending me somewhere else. But it was OK, found some dirt roads and rode through some little villages, very fun overall.

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