01 July 2008


On Friday, June 27, we left Lviv for Cracow. I told MTB that I would stay behind to help him get across the Ukrainian border, just in case. While waiting in line, the Leader told our guide not to give any assistance to MTB. Really weird and childish. Anyway, we got through the border OK, then headed toward Cracow. I was staying with a friend of mine in Zakopane, so rode with Stuart and Tom for a while before branching off. Although Stuart had European maps for his GPS, they didn't seem to work very well, because they brought us to this ferry, Stuart was rather amused, actually we all were:
Anyway, so I split off and headed toward Zakopane, a resort town in the Tatry Mountains where my buddy Andre Spark has place, and he had come down to meet up. It was great to see him; he has a great house (too nice to call a cabin), and the town was really nice. I picked up a cool black sheepskin for the bike's seat while we were walking around downtown:
I was with Andre for a night or two, then headed off to Cracow to meet up with the group. No pix, but Cracow is also pretty awesome, with a fantastic city square lined with restaurants, etc. We had dinner on the square and spent the evening people watching. Cracow was the first place we'd been where there were lots and lots of tourists/backpacker types. Very lively.

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