26 May 2008

Quiet Evening in Harbin

May 25—555km—We left early on Sunday for Harbin, where we also arrived late and were “escorted” from the edge of town by members of the Harbin Motorcycle Club. Apparently one of the founders of the Organizer, has some kind of relationship with these guys. Here are some pix of some of their bikes:

We had been regaled for weeks about how good of a party the Harbin MC threw for us in their clubhouse, so good that many people were hung-over for days afterward. Well, we arrived at the hotel just after dark, and the Harbin MC took lots of pictures, particularly with certain people, and then we were told to meet downstairs in thirty minutes for dinner. I went down, expecting to be escorted to some wild party, but instead we went to a hotel restaurant next door and had a quiet dinner (with a round table, of course). It turns out that the Leader went out with the Harbin MC and invited the Duke & Duchess, but no one else. No explanation was ever given as to why no one else was invited. I didn't care much, but thought it was a little odd...

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